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Here at Stargazer LLC we maintain a variety of web-logs (blogs). If you are looking to start one or need a new maintainer feel free to reach out. We would love the chance to try to find a solution that works well for all of us.

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Stargazer Welcomes Cory Peterson to the Team!

June 14, 2021

Stargazer welcomes Cory Peterson to the Small Business Team! An independent contractor, Cory brings a good skillset to the organization which he hopes to further hone upon under our umbrella. His most recent work has been in the MERN stack, with some experience with React Native and mySQL as well. He enjoys all things technology related, particularly mobile devices and wearables. A self-taught web…

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Stargazer Small Business Services is now looking for new partners to team up with. We are not just looking for any type of client. We want people that are ready to make a difference. People that have passion, a reason for doing what they do and a vision for the future. It's that kind of partner Stargazer SBS loves working with. Together we want to build and grow. An ideal client is a business that…

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