Stargazer SBS is now accepting new partners

November 29, 2020

Stargazer Small Business Services is now looking for new partners to team up with. We are not just looking for any type of client. We want people that are ready to make a difference. People that have passion, a reason for doing what they do and a vision for the future. It's that kind of partner Stargazer SBS loves working with. Together we want to build and grow.

An ideal client is a business that is positioned and ready to grow from 5-15 employees to 50-100. This is where we believe we can be the most useful. We like to set lofty goals that, honestly, we don't always hit. When we don't hit our goals we evaluate, reposition and put a new plan in place. When we hit our goals it's an amazing feeling for everyone involved.

Regardless of performance metrics it's exhilarating to see the community around us growing.

If you are ready to join our growing community feel free to give us a call at 612-552-3757 or email us at

Stargazer LLC

Minneapolis, MN 55378

(612) 552-3757‬