Kenny Hammerlund

I believe in providing as much value as I can. I do my best to help the people I work with understand problems and solutions by providing as much information as I can.

Father | Software Engineer | Team Leader | Mentor based out of Minneapolis, MN

My goal for this page is for you to get a feeling for the things I believe in and the value I can bring to your life. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email I try to build long lasting relationships with the people I work with. I believe that together we can create a positive helpful community and help each other make today better than yesterday.

At A Glance

The things that I feel I am good at.

Have a project for me?

If you have a project that you would like to talk to me about feel free to send me an email at Alternatively you can schedule a brief introduction with calendly.

Project Experience

These are some of the projects we have worked on in the past. They are psudo-chronological as many are ongoing.

  • The Bernard Group
  • Challenge: Growing from start up to enterprise
  • TBG (The Bernard Group) was in a common spot faced by growing companies. They had some great people working for them. The teams had built some great systems to help them get to the point they were at, but the scale was starting to wear on those systems. I was brought in to help their workflow team learn Node.js and the development process.
  • During my time with TBG we implemented version control using Github. This included the use of Github Actions to control code quality with automated tests, ESLint for code quality and an automatic tagging system. The tagging system helped the team keep their deploys organized. I also built a custom lint rule set that aided in their integration with Enfocus Switch. Through the process the team was also shifting into using Jira to better track tasks & releases. I aided in transitioning the team into using Jira, providing insight into what I felt a ticket should look like. I try to emphasize detail in requirements but leave implementation open when it can be.
  • American Poolplayers Association
  • Challenge: Adding value to a physical recreational experience using technology.
  • I am really proud of my time at American Poolplayers Association. I was fortunate to have an amazing team that was open to trying new technologies and finding innovative solutions to problems. I was brought in to help build out a GraphQL API and Meteor.js hybrid application that catered to their 250k+ member base. Once that was complete we moved into a React Native application that was designed to facilitate scoring weekly matches for their pool (billiard) leagues.
  • During my tenure at APA I was fortunate to work with many different technologies. I worked full stack from the MSSQL Database, an Apollo GraphQL (Node.js) API, a redis caching layer and .net, React & React Native based clients. I was able to explore, learn and solve a lot of unique problems.
  • Gray Duct Technologies
  • Challenge: Help drive clients to a new business
  • Jason approached me in 2020 mid pandemic. He was in the midst of starting a new business as the pandemic had furloughed him when the entertainment industry was shut down. He needed a website to be the center of his business marketing. I built his site using Gatsby.js and built an open source plugin gatsby-source-google-reviews-en that would fetch his reviews. Jason strives to do the best he can for his customers and inspires me to do the same. That's why having his reviews posted was very important. I'm happy that I got to provide these to the world along with learning a bit about how Gatsby sources its information to make lightning fast websites.
  • TWG Cleaning
  • Tom was my first real "client." His site was my first experience with Wordpress. This was a great learning process as I jumped head first into the deep end. I needed to figure out everything for the domain, deployment, hosting etc. In the time since then I have been able to see pros/cons with a lot of the services out there. Looking back I don't think I would approach his site and hosting the same way but I am glad that I got the experience.

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